Miracle in Milan & the Meaning of Realism



  • M-R says:

    “It was our first time in Italy; and I had not yet reached any level of comprehension of the country‚Äôs mastery of being able to present simultaneously two diametrically opposing stances on almost everything.
    Only in Italy will you find dazzling beauty and frightening ugliness; hideous cruelty and great kindness; brute force and loving gentleness; monstrous evil and selfless good …”
    I wrote that of this wonderful country, and I have never changed my mind about it. De Sica obviously understood it much better than I.

    • Rachel T says:

      How poetically you also express it MR! Indeed, I think on your visit to Italy you saw at once exactly the messages de Sica hoped to convey in many of his wonderful films.

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