The Graduate

Mrs. Robinson: Elaine, it’s too late!Как составить семантическое ядро для сайта

Elaine: Not for me!


  • Doug Begley says:

    An excellent, insightful review, and perhaps you have put into words why I grow melancholy each time I view it. In a sense, it reveals the downside of being fully human, a train wreck that one cannot avoid watching. Yet it also contains a glimmer of promise. This film’s strength is not in its plot, but in its perfect execution by all parties concerned.

    • Rachel Tsang says:

      I have always found it rather odd that The Graduate is hailed often as a great comedy. While certainly amusing in places, the film has nevertheless always struck me as a rather sad little tale. Yet it can hardly be defined as a tragedy in the classical sense either – it ends, after all, not in death but with a wedding!

      There is much truth in what you said about the film revealing what it means to be fully human. I guess this is why The Graduate does not fit so easily into any genre; in its own surrealistic way, it is a very insightful reflection of real life… complete with all the highs and lows.

  • Mike Andberg says:

    You’ve done “The Graduate” very well. A seminal film for me, I’m very partial to it, and you bring up points I hadn’t considered or realized, so I enjoyed reading this post. I, too, am writing about “The Graduate” in my website – – coinciding the post (this Sunday Dec. 21) with the anniversary date of the film’s release in 1967. My concentration is personal, centering on the film’s effect upon me after seeing it as a young adult, as well as recognizing director Mike Nichols who, as you know, passed away in November. I hope you enjoy my “Graduate” piece half as much as I enjoyed yours. – Mike Andberg

    • Rachel Tsang says:

      Thank you for the heads up Mike :) Your post sounds like it will be a great one – I’ll be sure to swing by on Sunday!

  • Excellent review. I’ve always liked that movie. Many thanks for following my blog. I appreciate it.

  • ledrakenoir says:

    Thanks for this wonderful reminding post… :-)

    • Rachel Tsang says:

      You’re very welcome Drake! I just stopped by earlier to ‘Le Drake Noir’ to see how you’ve been doing, and you’ve certainly been up to a lot of exciting stuff these past months (not that that’s unusual for you!). As always it is great to hear from you — Rachel

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